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Grinding wheel piece when use what to notice?
source:蓝鸟砂轮|浙江蓝鸟科技股份有限公司【官网】    Release date:2017-11-30 9:25:19
1. The grinding wheel piece after installation, rear can clamping workpiece cutting work, shall not be more than the workpiece overlapping cutting.
2. The speed of grinding wheel using linear velocity should not exceed the trademark rules work, when using pneumatic grinding machine, especially when more machine using the same source, to control the air pressure, prevent air pressure is too large, lead to grinding wheel speed is too high, the grinding wheel caused by blasting.
3. When using the grinding wheel should be slowly feed. Grinding wheel is seen overexert stalling stuck or blasting. If there should be immediately without electricity and lift the grinding wheel grinding wheel.
4. Slice grinding wheel face shall not be used for polishing work.
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