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Replacement of knife grinder grinding wheel is analysed
source:蓝鸟砂轮|浙江蓝鸟科技股份有限公司【官网】    Release date:2017-11-30 8:57:12
Manufacturer to remind the broad masses of users, knife grinder application after a period of time, to pay attention to the timely replacement of the parts, such as grinding wheel, the use of any grinding wheel wear has certain requirements, so the change in time is to ensure that the service life of the knife grinder method that cannot be ignored.
According to introducing, in the process of long-term use of knife grinder, general provisions, when grinding wheel wear to 10 mm diameter than the diameter of a chuck should be replaced when new grinding wheel, cannot be used in order to save material is super wear requirements, this is a highly security violation behavior. And replace the matters needing attention about knife grinder grinding wheel, there is a clear rules show that grinding wheel should be used within the period of validity, resin and rubber bonded grinding wheel storage must by turning test a year later, eligible for use, so the user must not ignore.
Replace the matters needing attention about knife grinder grinding wheel, the last also tell a problem is the quality problem, in the process of using the knife grinder, if it is found that crack of grinding wheel local, should immediately stop the use and replace the new grinding wheel, lest cause wheel broken injuries, implement safety production operation.
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